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"fire" - a slightly discombobulated portrait painting in rich oranges, white and black by renowned artist Munro.

“fire” - contemporary portrait painting

Introducing "Fire", a striking contemporary portrait painting by renowned artist Munro, featured as part of his "be men of courage" series. The painting is dominated by thickly applied oranges, white, and black, evoking the intense and passionate nature of fire. Munro's masterful use of color and texture creates a discombobulated yet captivating composition that draws the viewer in. "Fire" exudes a powerful and commanding presence, making it a standout piece in any art gallery. Add a touch of boldness and energy to your collection with this mesmerizing artwork.


  • 110 x 110 x 3 cm
  • Original art by Munro
  • Archival acrylic and gold leaf on premium stretched canvas
  • Free delivery within South Africa
  • Worldwide shipping on orders of R50,000 or more
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

    Our paintings are cleaned and securely packaged by professionals before being shipped/delivered. Standard shipping usually takes up to 7 days. Express delivery takes 2-3 days. Safe shipping globally.


    Original painting on a ready to hang, custom made, supported wooden frame. Custom framing available on request.

R44 000,00Price
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