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"the great deep"

"the great deep"

SKU: M12506

This striking portrait, part of Munro's ‘Be Men of Courage' series, is a masterful creation. The subject, the face of a bearded man, is rendered in monochromatic black, yet his piercing purple-blue eyes glisten with the hint of restrained tears. His black hair and beard are adorned with red remembrance poppies and delicate, branch-like green leaves, creating a vivid contrast to his otherwise dark visage. The deep crimson 'Ben Day' dots add a sense of depth and texture to his complexion.


In sharp juxtaposition, the background bathes the scene in a light, vibrant turquoise. Delicately written in fine cursive black paint, the word 'remembrance' appears as if scribed with an ink-dipped quill, evoking a sense of timelessness. This piece captures the essence of courage and reflection, making it a significant addition to Munro's exploration of the ‘Be Men of Courage' theme.


Original Munro painting.

Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 3 cm

Archival acrylic artists' colours on a custom-made, premium, stretched canvas.

The artwork is unique.



    Our paintings are cleaned and securely packaged by professionals before being shipped/delivered. Standard shipping usually takes up to 7 days. Express delivery takes 2-3 days. Safe shipping globally.


    Original painting on a ready to hang, custom made, supported wooden frame. Custom framing available on request.

R49 000,00Price
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